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BW Cast – Season 2, Episode N, Episode 2 – Dewott “Solrock” Johnson VS Druddigon Cena

Longest episode title ever.

Special Wrestlemania episode! Just kidding, we don’t even mention it. eSeamus is away tending to some medical issues (but not his own!), so square is here.

We talk about the new mew thing (mewalso I guess) and the second N episode then we stall! For those who were curious, my favorite pizza is:

  1. Thin crust
  2. Light sauce
  3. Pepperoni
  4. Onion
  5. Green Pepper
  6. Feta Cheese
  7. Pineapple
  8. Bacon

No one else gave a useful answer 🙁


Don’t forget, special anniversary episode next week! Send your google+ info to eSeamus so you can join in on the fun!

BW Cast – Season 2, Episode 13 – Careless Whismur


Good evening to all you ladies and gents out there in cyberspace. Tonight DJ square is kickin the tunes and tickling the ivories with special guest Nintendorky. Kingogreen is also on the air for his second week in a row. This evening we’re running out of late night radio talk so just tune in to find out what happens.

Does Dragonite get a headache from keeping its brow so furrowed all the time? Remember that time I shared recipes AND cakes? I had both this week and didn’t say anything.

Also with 100% background music because what else do I have to do on a Sunday night (morning) but clip together BGMs karaoke versions of Japanese pokemon songs?

Opening music is Pokemon Ierukana Baby? and the closing music is Type: Wild


BW Cast – Season 2, Episode 4 – Boldore, Colorado

This week eSeamus is replaced by square and square is replaced by Julie!

This is probably the longest episode without eSeamus. If he was here I’m sure he and Julie would have gone on for hours about things square doesn’t know about. Instead we talk about Harvest Moon and Arrested Development and candy and Christmas music. We also review a subbed episode.

Don’t forget about the contest! Record yourself performing (singing or playing) any pokemon song and send it to !!

BW Cast – Episode 67 – Last Kingler of Stoutland

This week we are joined by Robert House of the forums! No eSeamus this week. We get a little bit racist this week!

Chaos Trade Shop!

BW Cast – Episode 61 – Atlanturn, GA

This week we are joined by Sat0shi-kun and NOT eSeamus!

Wifi events and passwords!

Pokemon Conquest Pikachu:  urALRZwvRg

Analytic Porygon:

  • German games: PORYEUROGAMERDE
  • French games: PORYEUROGAMERFR
  • Spanish games: PORYEUROGAMERES
  • UK and other regions: PORYEUROGAMERNET


Mite Mite Kotchitchi!

BW Cast – Episode 55 – Down With The Torchicness


This week eSeamus is out of town and we are joined by LightRai and Kisuke! New forms! Dream world updates! Recipes from our various peoples! This week we have it all and more! Tune in and listen as we stall for time!

BW Cast – Episode 36 – Son of the Dwebble

This week square hosts while eSeamus is out of town! Koudrin from the bulbagarden IRC channel is our special guest! We have new Rumble Blast codes, a Japanese C-Gear skin, Nobunaga’s Ambition and Movie news! SPIFFY SINGS THE POKERAP! DO NOT MISS!

BW Cast – Episode 31 – Garbodorable

This week we talk (and rant) about movies! Lots of Rumble Blast codes! We even talk a little about Warcraft lore!

This week our Wailmer of the Week is Dr. Gregory House!

edit: Don’t forget to send us clips of your favorite Bouncing Wailord moments from this past year to go in our 2011 retrospective! Email audio clips to eseamus (at) bouncingwailord (dot) com or tell us the episode number and time stamp!

BW Cast – Episode 29 – Spiritomb Away

This week eSeamus is unable to join us (either due to an anniversary or the plot of Spirited Away) so we are joined by our old friend LightRai! This week is chock full of Japanese news, Wi-Fi events, C-Gear skins, and more!

Due to software issues, this episode was recorded at a lower quality than usual. Square is deeply sorry for this and has proceeded to punish himself in the style of Dobby, the free elf.

LightRai’s website!

BW Cast – Episode 22 – Flygon in 60 Seconds

This week our glorious leader eSeamus is out of town! Square hosts in this relatively short episode, during which the wailord pod discusses what they would do if they ran The Pokemon Company!


and another amazing piece of art from The Punishipster!