Bouncing Wailord was a Pokemon comedy podcast hosted by Eric “eSeamus” Knox and co-hosted by square and Spiffy with special correspondent LightRai. eSeamus ended the Bouncing Wailord podcast in April 2013 and began a new podcast focused on casual and limited formats of play in the Pokémon TCG and video games called Pokémon Battle Evolution.

eSeamus is originally from Connecticut and currently lives in the city of Albuquerque, New Mexico. He can be found every Friday evening at Gamers Anonymous between 4 and 6 helping run Pokemon events. When he’s not playing Pokemon, eSeamus is typically watching movies, listening to podcasts, or playing games on his Xbox 360.

square is from a delightfully folksy place called Southern Pines and currently lives on a magical island (Hilton Head) off the coast of South Carolina. When not playing Pokemon (which is actually a pretty frequent situation), square can be found in front of a Mac playing World of Warcraft or listening to They Might Be Giants. Square has a thing for foreign candy (Cadbury Crunchie bars are his current favorite) and enjoys the music of Final Fantasy games.

Spiffy has been playing (and cheating) in Pokemon since the days of Red and Blue, and is hell-bent on getting Cloned Psychic Kitties (Mewtwos) in whatever game they’re available in. She likes nicknaming her Pokemon, which when coupled with a fondness for puns that perhaps rivals Lightrai’s, results in names that would make a celebrity blush. When not Pokemoning, she is often found browsing TVTropes and programming whenever the code muse hits her. Infrablue!

LightRai is…puzzling.

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