Monthly Archives: July 2012

BW Cast – Episode 61 – Atlanturn, GA

This week we are joined by Sat0shi-kun and NOT eSeamus!

Wifi events and passwords!

Pokemon Conquest Pikachu:  urALRZwvRg

Analytic Porygon:

  • German games: PORYEUROGAMERDE
  • French games: PORYEUROGAMERFR
  • Spanish games: PORYEUROGAMERES
  • UK and other regions: PORYEUROGAMERNET


Mite Mite Kotchitchi!

BW Cast – Episode 60 – San Dialga, CA


This week, the Wailord Warlords are joined by Tyler Shepard (formerly The Punishipster)!

BW Cast – Episode 59 – Huntington Pichu, CA


This week, the Wailord Warlords are joined by Nintendorky for a rousing discussion of Tumblr and other fun things!

LightRai’s EP!

Rain’s Vlog!

BW Cast – Episode 58 – Spiritombstone, AZ


This week, the Wailords trade square for the Punishipster! Commission him to make draws for you!