Monthly Archives: June 2012

BW Cast – Episode 57 – Oshawott, Ontario


This week, the Wailord Warlords are joined by Don, also known as Omen from Striaton Radio! We stay mostly on topic! Also, cake!

BW Cast – Episode 56 – Durant, OK


This week we are joined by CloudKazama! We talk about the new BW2 info, respond to some fanmail, and eSeamus gets hammered!

BW Cast – Episode 55 – Down With The Torchicness


This week eSeamus is out of town and we are joined by LightRai and Kisuke! New forms! Dream world updates! Recipes from our various peoples! This week we have it all and more! Tune in and listen as we stall for time!

BW Cast – Episode 54 – Whimsicott Pilgrim Vs The World


This week, the Wailords are joined by Sion Jones from the UK! eSeamus apologizes for the missing Question of the Week segment as it slipped his mind during recording. It’ll return next week when square takes the reins.

The Pokemon Conquest (US) password for the Eevees is 2rz3XFCKm.