Monthly Archives: April 2012

BW Cast – Episode 49 – Mr. Mimecraft


This week, the Wailords are joined by Audrey! We talk about Minecraft and such!

BW Cast – Episode 48 – Rhyhornswaggle


This week, the Wailords are visited once again by CloudKazama!

BW Cast – Episode 47 – Shout-out to Bidoof


This week, the Wailords are joined by someone with a metric ton of credits: Chris Sims!

Check him out at Comics Alliance, Chris’s Invincible Super Blog, Action Age Comics, Awesome Hospital, Dracula the Unconquered, War Rocket Ajax, his Twitter, and his Tumblr!

BW Podcast – Episode 46 – Mamoswine Flu


This week the Wailords are celebrating their one year anniversary with guest CloudKazama! Come and reminisce with us!

BW Cast – Episode 45 – The Mandibuzz is Back


This week, square is absent, but eSeamus and Spiffy are joined by Kisuke Shihoin of Emonga Cast and the new Pokemon Flame Charge podcasts. We have a huge announcement this week, so be sure to tune in!