Monthly Archives: March 2012

BW Cast – Episode 44.5 – A Sound of Thundurus


It’s a long one this week as we go through all the contest entries and choose a winner. We also decide on a #1 Fan.

BW Cast – Episode 44 – Michael Bayleef’s Castformers: The Dark of the Munna


Once, there was a Bayleef named Chet… Oh, sorry, I didn’t see you there. This week, the Wailords are joined by Kenny from It’s Super Effective! There are explosions, we promise!

BW Cast – Episode 43 – My Favorite Episode on the Cyndaquil


This week, the Wailords are visited by the magical art demon, Punishipster, and talk about poop and afros!

BW Cast – Episode 42 – So Long and Thanks for All Corphish


This week, Spiffy is unable to join the Wailords, so instead square and eSeamus are joined by Jay from It’s Super Effective!


Don’t forget about the contest!