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Pokeymanz Mispronunciation Guide – Part 5

Pokedex Gen V

And, we come to a close with the Fifth Generation of Pokemon from #494 Victini to #647 Keldeo. See you all in 2012 for more podcasting hilarity!

Pokeymanz Mispronunciation Guide – Part 4

Pokedex Gen IV

Generation IV is pretty straight-forward with its pronunciations, so how does eSeamus mangle the Pokemon between Turtwig (#377) and Arceus (#493)? Find out in this installment!

Pokeymanz Mispronunciation Guide – Part 3

Pokedex Gen III

The Mispronunciation Guide continues with Generation III from Pokemon number 252 Treecko to number 386 Deoxys. Share and enjoy!

Listen now!

Pokeymanz Mispronunciation Guide – Part 2

Gen II Pokedex

Part 2 of the Mispronunciation Guide includes Pokemon numbers 152 Chikorita to 251 Celebi. Share and enjoy!

Pokeymanz Mispronunciation Guide – Part 1

Pokedex Gen I

Well, the people have spoken. eSeamus will be mispronouncing all the Pokemon names. This part is Generation I, from Bulbasaur to Mew.

BW Cast – Episode 33 – Deep Space Ninetails


This week, Spiffy is absent, but eSeamus and square are joined by the winner of the Bouncing Wailord Halloween Horror Movie Poster Contest: Travis!

Dragon Master

BW Cast – Episode 32 – At The Cinemaractus


This week, the Wailords find the truth of their ideals and dive into Pokemon The Movie: Black – Victini and Reshiram.

Bouncing Wailord Mario Kart 7 Community! 45-7070-4248-8505

Dammit Grimer!

Don’t forget to send your favorite moments from the show for the Year in Review episode! If you don’t, eSeamus will be forced to release a podcast of him saying all the Pokemon names incorrectly!

BW Cast – Episode 31 – Garbodorable

This week we talk (and rant) about movies! Lots of Rumble Blast codes! We even talk a little about Warcraft lore!

This week our Wailmer of the Week is Dr. Gregory House!

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