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BW Cast – Episode 30 – We’re Back! A Bulbasaur’s Story


The Wailords are back! Lots of news this week! And, another competition?

Massive experience gain?

BW Cast – Episode 29 – Spiritomb Away

This week eSeamus is unable to join us (either due to an anniversary or the plot of Spirited Away) so we are joined by our old friend LightRai! This week is chock full of Japanese news, Wi-Fi events, C-Gear skins, and more!

Due to software issues, this episode was recorded at a lower quality than usual. Square is deeply sorry for this and has proceeded to punish himself in the style of Dobby, the free elf.

LightRai’s website!

BW Cast – Episode 28 – Natu Shabby

This week, the Wailords are joined by Satoshi-kun! Fraud is uncovered in Unova! This episode has it all! Racing! Adventure! Intrigue!