BW Cast – Episode 27 – Cooking Mamoswine

This week, the Wailords are joined by The Punishipster for a surprisingly short episode.

Contest rules!
Send an email to with the subject line “Poster Contest”.
In the email, tell us what 5 horror movies are being parodied (Episodes 23 to 27, inclusive).
Whoever has the most correct wins! In case of a tie, one of the most correct will be draw at random.
Be our guest on the podcast! Also, autographed (by The Punishipster) prints of all five posters!
November 10, 2011!

1 comment for “BW Cast – Episode 27 – Cooking Mamoswine

  1. November 1, 2011 at 8:54 pm

    What company runs the movie theatres in New Mexico? The theatres currently listed for the Victini movie seem to belong to a few specific chains, which probably explains some of the seemingly left-out markets. For example, it seems like a none of the theatres listed belong to the AMC or Marcus chains, which explains why there’s nothing listed here in Wisconsin (or for that matter, Minnesota or the entire Chicago Metro). I did see the movie listed on the AMC web site (had to dig for it-I can send you a link if you’d like), so it’s likely they just haven’t determined/announced which locations will show it.

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