Monthly Archives: October 2011

BW Cast – Episode 27 – Cooking Mamoswine

This week, the Wailords are joined by The Punishipster for a surprisingly short episode.

Contest rules!
Send an email to with the subject line “Poster Contest”.
In the email, tell us what 5 horror movies are being parodied (Episodes 23 to 27, inclusive).
Whoever has the most correct wins! In case of a tie, one of the most correct will be draw at random.
Be our guest on the podcast! Also, autographed (by The Punishipster) prints of all five posters!
November 10, 2011!

BW Cast – Episode 26 – Citizen Kangaskhan

This week, the Wailords spoil a 70-year-old movie! Oh, and they talk about Pokemon stuff.

Once again, The Punishipster provides us with an awesome Pokemon horror movie poster.

BW Cast – Episode 25 – Pinnacle of Basculinity

This week, the Wailords have some unfortunate news, but then go on to have a rather good time. Remember, you can call in and leave us a voicemail at (520)3-BWCAST or email us from the Contact page and have your voicemail or email be part of the show!

Many thanks to The Punishipster for the amazing art again!

BW Cast – Episode 24 – Jurassic Parcheops

This week’s episode is fraught with technical difficulties as Vincent Price laughs at our pain. We do our best to get through. Not everyone makes it through this week’s episode intact!

The Ursaring poster courtesy of The Punishipster, of course.

El Guapo’s YouTube channel!


BW Cast – Episode 23 – Krokoroktober

eSeamus returns this week and the Wailords have a good long episode as they talk about initialisms and subterranean trains.

Many thanks, as always, to The Punishipster for this amazing art!

As promised, the Banette is level 37 and has the following attacks: Faint Attack, Hex, Shadow Ball, and Cotton Guard.