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BW Cast – Episode 22 – Flygon in 60 Seconds

This week our glorious leader eSeamus is out of town! Square hosts in this relatively short episode, during which the wailord pod discusses what they would do if they ran The Pokemon Company!


and another amazing piece of art from The Punishipster!

BW Cast – Episode 21 – Gulpinception

This week, the Wailords are joined by new co-host: Smuglord! In this episode, we delve into theoretical physics, theology, and Darwinian theory. Oh, we also talk about Pokemon.

BW Cast – Episode 20 – Ariados Equis

This week, we are overwhelmed by news! The Wailords discuss US and European distributions going on soon! Also, the 3DS Conference!

BW Cast – Episode 19 – Life On Marshtomp

This week, the Wailords are joined by TSS_Killer from We go a little off the rails (actually a lot), but manage to come in under 3 hours.
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Some more amazing art from The Punishipster!