Monthly Archives: July 2011

BW Cast – Episode 13 – Psyduck Face

Late episode is late, but it’s here. And, you know what they say: “Better Nate than lever.” We’ve got several bits of Pokemon news this week as well as a voicemail and two episodes of the animated series. Holy shit that’s a lot of stuff!

OK, not really, it’s no more than previous episodes, I guess.

And, sadly, no. None of us went to San Diego Comic Con. After hearing about the stuff that happened there, eSeamus is not happy that he missed it.

BW Cast – Episode 12 – Clefairy Potter and the Prisoner of Alakazam

This week, the Wailords discuss what little news there is and the dubbed episode of the animated series. Also, as per usual, an update about the OPL and other goings-on at Gamers Anonymous in Albuquerque for Pokemon Friday.

Awesome Harry Potter Pokemon art from The Punishipster, as always.

This week’s Wailmer of the Week goes to Isaiah, the youngest competitor in the OPL.

BW Cast – Episode 11 – Awesomed By Wailord

This week, we are joined by some special guests: Evie and Aaron from the Awesomed By Comics podcast. If you like comics, head on over to their site and check out just how awesomed people can be by comics. To commemorate this occasion, the Punishipster crafted us some awesome art that we hope you will all be awesomed by.

We, of course, talked about the news of the week and the two episodes (sub and dub) and take another voicemail. Remember, you can call us at 520-3-BWCAST (520-329-2278) and your voicemail might make it onto the show if we are particularly awesomed by it!

And, because we were so awesomed by our guests, we decided to make them our Wailmer of the Week!

BW Cast – Episode 10 – Spinda-pendence Day

This week, there is little news we didn’t create ourselves, but we still feed our egos a bit.

Then, we have our first voicemail from Ultimo. After that, we talk about the past two weeks’ episodes in both the sub and the dub. And, we now have the Bouncing Wailord Podshop, where you can buy our stuff!