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BW Cast – Episode 6 – Roggenrola From The Darkrai

New Pokemon game revealed!

New theme song!

A guest!

A lot more! Seriously. A LOT more.

LightRai’s BandCamp

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BW Cast – Episode 5 – We Apologize For The Koffing

Well, another week brings another Bouncing Wailord. We break from tradition this week to talk about non-Pokemon topics.

We learn something important about the Japanese perception of the American UFO mythos this week.

Also, we want art. Pokemon + Snack foods = ?? You tell us!

The Punishipster

We’re on now!

BW Cast – Episode 4 – Oshawott the F?

This week, we have a special guest and we take this podcast right off the rails!

Joltik used Swagger!

Jordan’s notes for this week’s episodes

Ultimo’s YouTube channel

Courtesy of the Punishipster