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BW Cast – Episode 3 – Pokemon: The Next Generation


After fighting with technical issues, we bring you the latest episode!

Pokemon Night at Gamers Anonymous!

VGC dates have been announced!

New Pokemon game?

Celebrity Pokemon news!

And, the Japanese and US episodes!

Don’t forget the digressions!


BW Cast – Episode 2 – Twelve Little Sillipups


To start, I would like to apologize for Spiffy’s low recording volume. We are working to determine what is causing that so we can prevent it in the future.

To get the AR card T-shirt, check out Level Up Studios

Two retraction/corrections in this episode.

We talk about Street Fighter for a bit.

Scuppers, Gumbo, Ruckles, Wuggles, Tugglemug, Pringles, Dubbawub, Lummo, Ploppsy, Cudsworth, Montgumery, and It’s a dog all make a cross country trip through the Internet.

We talk at length about the Dream World, discussing the issues with Dream Pals and initial access on launch day. But, we then discuss the minigames and why we like what we do and dislike what we don’t.

If you can get a really high ice cream cone, please leave a comment below.

The Deino event is of questionable legitimacy.

eSeamus is giving away Dream World Ability Darmanitan with a 31 IV in Special Attack. Comment or contact for more info.

Liberty Ticket defies eSeamus!

Eeveelution game will soon be gone.

We review both the recent US and Japanese episodes with minimal spoilers!

The Zoroak movie has changed so much since early February.


Also, we’re on iTunes! And Facebook! And Twitter!

This episode was originally titled “Let My People Golurk!”

BW Cast – Episode 1 – Starting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

The first episode! It has begun!

After brief introductions, we discuss the news of the past weeks. A revelation is made about Ash Ketchum and his origins. Predictions are made regarding the future of the franchise. The 3DS is talked about quite a bit. And, logic doth not prevail!

(Show notes will get better with time. I promise.)